Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ALA's New Member Round Table

Wondering what ALA's New Member Round Table can do for you while you are still a library student? Here a just a few of the reasons why ALA recommends joining:

As students, you may not feel that you’re ready to become involved in professional associations, or that you won’t have anything to contribute until you have your degree and are working in the profession. However, NMRT urges you to reconsider and strongly encourages you to join. For only $10 a year, NMRT provides numerous benefits for those of us who are new to the profession, new to ALA, or both. These benefits include:
  • 1.  Networking opportunities. Connect with other students, new professionals, and more experienced members through our listserv or in person at our conference socials.
  • 2. Professional development. Through grants for conference attendance, opportunities for committee membership, and publication opportunities through the newsletter, Footnotes, NMRT helps you get a head start on your involvement in the profession.
  • 3. Career planning and the job search. NMRT offers a resume review service in person at ALA conferences and virtually to NMRT members via email. Once you get that first job, NMRT will be there to help you navigate your new role through its mentoring service for new professionals.
  • 4.  Making sense of ALA. As a new member, ALA may seem huge and confusing. NMRT helps you get a handle on your professional association through publications, conference orientations, and other resources.

    NMRT strongly values the contributions of its student members, and we hope that you don’t let any lack of experience hold you back from benefiting fully from your ALA membership. Join NMRT today at
From ALA NMRT's SASCO Update #3

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