Friday, October 14, 2011

Professional & Job Hunting Resources

Get involved in the LIS community and boost your job search with this helpful list of resources from our student chapter liaison at ALA. Good luck!

Five EBSCO Scholarships for 2012 ALA Midwinter

NMRT Shirley Olofson Memorial Award for funding to the 2012 ALA Annual Conference

ALA Scholarships Program
ALA has lots of money that they want to give to students! Check out the opportunities here.

Professional Development/Communication

ALA Listservs
So much information is shared through this listservs that I cannot stress enough that you should find some listservs to follow. There are tons and can get specific, but take a look and see what's of interest for you. I highly recommend following the New Members Round Table list (NMRT-L) as it has lots of resources for students and new librarians.

Free Webinars!
Library Webinars is a blog organized by the Northeast Florida Library information Network and gathers information on library webinars being offered around the country. These are great opportunities to learn more about particular topics, might help generate ideas for events, and is just good information to share with members.

Job Hunting Resources

I need a library Job (Facebook, email list, and twitter)

Higher Ed Jobs (good for those interested in academic libraries)


ALA JobList
Association of Research Libraries Job List

LIS WIKI "HOWTO: Apply for a library job"

Open Cover Letters
Wondering what your cover letter should look like? tired of looking at all those online templates? Check out  Open Cover Letters, which is full of anonymous cover letters from hired librarians and archivists.

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