Monday, July 25, 2011

Volunteer librarians needed for West Philly Schools!

Gain library experience while supporting local schools!  Read on for details...

The Lea School at 47th and Spruce has lost its staff librarian to the layoffs. To offset this and supplement the library, the West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC)'s Open Books, Open Minds program will be coming to Lea in the fall 2011.

 WePAC will provide books and materials for enhancing the library space as needed and a trained volunteer librarian several times a week to facilitate children checking books in and out as well as a storytime for visiting classrooms. For older children, assistance may be provided with doing research for projects. Scheduled library periods will not be considered "prep periods" for teachers, who will accompany children in their visits to the library. WePAC will offer an afterschool (or in school) writing or school newspaper club to be held in the library. 

WePAC is looking for volunteer librarians for Lea and is especially interested in volunteers from the local community. The minimum time commitment requested by WePAC for its volunteers is two hours every other week. Those interested in volunteering at Lea through WePAC should contact Beth Menasion at emenasion [at] gmail [dot] com or Amy D'Antonio at amy [dot] dantonio [at] gmail [dot] com

Read more about the project on the West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood School web site.

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