Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LibraryTube - Video Suggestions Needed!

As another iSchool quarter begins, so does another quarter of SCALA events! Next Tuesday night (1/11/11) at 9pm EST, join us for a night of LibraryTube.

LibraryTube goes something like this:
  • Everyone suggests their favorite funny or inspirational library-themed YouTube videos to SCALA co-chair Lindsay Cummings (lindsaysc@gmail.com).
  • Then join your fellow online (or on-campus but online) classmates for a synchronized screening of great library videos on Tuesday, 1/11 at 9PM EST.
  • LibraryTube will take place on SynchTube in a private viewing room open only to iSchool students. We can watch the videos together simultaneously and chat at the same time!
But we need your help! Send Lindsay (lindsaysc@gmail.com) your library-themed YouTube video suggestions to make this event a success!

Keep an eye out on the blog and Google group for the link to the LibraryTube private viewing room soon.

Image Credit: Flickr - Corie Howell - CC license


  1. I made this for a project last quarter! It aggregates a bunch of different library youtube channels: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~arh67/librarytube.html

  2. Wow, thanks Audrey! I found a great flash mob video from the Seattle Public Library that would be fun to show.